The risk management handbook David Hillson PDF
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The risk management handbook David Hillson PDF

The risk management handbook David Hillson PDF

Business & Finance off@-75% price_16.99$
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download the risk management handbook david hillson pdf free Contents About the authors xii 01 Introducing risk 1 Dr David Hillson What do you do? 1 What is risk? 2 What is risk management? 5 Why does it matter? 9 And finally… 10 References 10 Part One: Multidimensional risk management 13 02 Enterprise Risk Management 15 Liz Taylor Why does Enterprise Risk Management matter? 15 What is Enterprise Risk Management? 19 What is risk in this context? 22 How is enterprise risk managed? 23 How does Enterprise Risk Management fit? 29 What’s next? 29 Find out more 32 03 Governance, Risk and Compliance 34 Robert Toogood Why does GRC matter? 34 What is Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)? 35 v vi Contents What is risk in this context? 36 How is GRC managed? 40 How does GRC fit? 45 What’s next? 47 Find out more 48 04 Operational Risk Management 50 Edward Sankey, with Dr Ariane Chapelle Why does Operational Risk Management matter? 50 What is Operational Risk Management? 51 What is risk in this context? 54 How is operational risk managed? 56 How does Operational Risk Management fit? 67 What’s next? 68 Find out more 70 05 Project, programme and portfolio risk management 72 Dr Dale F Cooper Why does project, programme and portfolio risk management matter? 72 What is project, programme and portfolio risk management? 75 What is risk in this context? 76 How is risk managed in projects, programmes and portfolios? 77 How does project, programme and portfolio risk management fit? 89 What’s next? 90 Find out more 93 06 Political risk management 94 Robert McKellar Why does political risk management matter? 94 What is political risk management? 95 Contents vii What is risk in this context? 97 How is political risk managed? 100 How does political risk management fit? 105 What’s next? 106 Find out more 107 07 Reputational risk 109 Arif Zaman Why does reputational risk matter? 109 What is reputational risk management? 112 What is risk in this context? 114 How is reputational risk managed? 118 How does reputational risk management fit? 119 What’s next? 120 Find out more 121 08 Supply chain risk management 122 Linda Conrad Why does supply chain risk management matter? 122 What is supply chain risk management? 126 What is risk in this context? 128 How is supply chain risk managed? 131 How does supply chain risk management fit? 133 What’s next? 134 Find out more 138 09 Business Continuity Management 141 Ian Clark Why does business continuity matter? 141 What is Business Continuity Management? 142 What is business continuity in this context? 143 How is business continuity managed? 144 How does Business Continuity Management fit? 158 What’s next? 158 Find out more 162 viii 10 Managing stakeholder risk 164 Dr Lynda Bourne and Patrick Weaver Why does stakeholder risk management matter? 164 What is stakeholder risk management? 166 What is risk in this context? 166 How is stakeholder risk managed? 171 How does stakeholder risk management fit? 177 What’s next? 178 Find out more 179 11 Ethics in risk management 180 Giusi Meloni Why do ethics matter in risk management? 180 What is ethical risk management? 183 What is risk in this context? 185 How is ethical risk managed? 187 How does ethical risk management fit? 190 What’s next? 190 Find out more 192 12 Cyber risk management 194 Ben Rendle Why does cyber risk management matter? 194 What is cyber risk management? 197 What is risk in this context? 200 How is cyber risk managed? 203 How does cyber risk management fit? 208 What’s next? 210 Find out more 212 Part Two: Emerging trends 215 13 Country risk management 219 Daniel Wagner The importance of anticipation 219 A sound cross-border risk management platform 220 Contents ix Best practices 221 Why every manager needs to be a country risk manager 222 Summary: staying ahead of the curve 224 References and further reading 224 14 Communicating uncertainty 225 Dr Veronica Bowman Background 225 An effective communication strategy 226 Summary: case study 231 References 235 15 Risk-based decision making 236 Dr Keith Smith Introduction 236 The decision maker’s conundrum 236 Understanding how decisions are made 237 Dual processing 239 Clockspeed vs velocity 240 Situation awareness and decision making 241 Decision controls 241 Summary 243 References 243 16 Risk leadership in complex organizations 246 Dr Richard Barber Introduction 246 Getting the assumptions right 246 Useful principles for leaders working in and on uncertainty 249 Systemic risk leadership in practice 251 Summary: what this means for leaders of organizations 253 References 254 Contents x 17 Resilience 255 Dr Erica Seville What is a resilience approach? 255 Resilience and risk management 256 Summary: proactive ways to develop resilience 258 References 260 18 Organizational change management and risk 262 Dr Ruth Murray-Webster Why is change risky? 262 Why is risk analysis and management vital during change? 265 Critical success factors if risk management is to help change management 266 Summary 267 References 268 19 Risk culture 269 Alex Hindson What is risk culture and why is it important? 269 How to approach risk culture 272 Diagnosing risk culture 272 Risk awareness 272 Changing or influencing risk culture 275 Case study 275 Summary 277 References 278 20 Social media risk 279 Dr Greg Ker-Fox Introduction 279 The social media business model 279 Opportunities created by social media for business 280 Threats associated with social media for business 281 Exploiting social media opportunities 285 Contents xi Mitigating social media threats 286 Summary 288 References and further reading 289 21 Risk in development aid practice 290 Magda Stepanyan Risk as an external danger 291 Risk as an accident associated with human fault 292 Risk as a social phenomenon 293 Risk as a global ‘grand challenge’ or mega risks 295 Summary 296 References 296 Epilogue: The future of risk management 298 Dr David Hillson Risk is everywhere 298 Risk management is everywhere 299 What next? 300 Where now? 302 References and further reading 302 Index 304

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  • Authors: David Hillson 
  • File Size: 23 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Kogan Page; 2nd edition (August 3, 2023)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1398610666
  • ISBN-13: 978-1398610668
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The Risk Management Handbook offers readers knowledge of current best practices and cutting-edge insights into new developments within risk management.

Risk management is dynamic, with new risks continually being identified and risk techniques adapting to new challenges. Drawing together leading voices from the major risk management application areas, such as political, supply chain, cybersecurity, ESG, and climate change risk, this edited collection showcases best practices in each discipline and provides a comprehensive survey of the field.

This second edition has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments in the industry. It incorporates content on updated and new standards such as ISO 31000, MOR, and ISO 14000. It also offers brand new chapters on ESG risk management, legal risk management, cyber risk management, climate change risk management, and financial risk management. Whether you are a risk professional wanting to stay abreast of your field, a student seeking a broad and up-to-date introduction to risk, or a business leader wanting to get to grips with the risks that face your business, this book will provide expert guidance.

About the author:

David Hillson Dr David Hillson HonFAPM PMI-Fellow CFIRM

Known globally as The Risk Doctor, David Hillson is recognized as a ground-breaking thinker and expert practitioner in risk management, and he has made several innovative contributions to the discipline that have been widely adopted.

David has a reputation as an excellent speaker and presenter on risk. His talks blend thought leadership with practical application, presented in an accessible style that combines clarity with humor, guided by the Risk Doctor motto: “Understand profoundly so you can explain simply”. Many of David’s talks are available on the RiskDoctorVideo YouTube channel (, with over 200 videos covering various topics.

He also writes widely on risk, with thirteen major books, and over 100 professional papers. David produced the Risk Doctor Briefing series, written for fifteen years, with 140 focused articles each addressing a specific aspect of the risk challenge, available in multiple languages.

David has advised leaders and organisations in nearly sixty countries around the world on how to create value from risk based on a mature approach to risk management, and his wisdom and insights are in high demand. He has also advised on strategic risk at the national leadership level for several nations facing radical change.

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